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Not the Beatles, the Beetles

Beetles make up about 40% of known insects, with approximately 400,000 species.  Some scientists estimate that the known species may be as small as 5% of all actual existing species.  New ones are being discovered all the time!  Beetles are … Continue reading

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60,000 Miles of Vessels

60,000 miles?  That’s a lot of blood vessels!  Of course, the exact length would vary according to the size of the person.  Think about how far our blood must travel through these blood vessels, day after day!  Your body has … Continue reading

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What Time Is It?

Louis Cartier invented the first men’s wristwatch in 1904.  An earlier version of a wristwatch had been created for women, but they were not used in mainstream society.  Cartier’s wristwatch came about because of a pilot friend who needed an … Continue reading

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Energy Consumers

Yes, the U.S. uses about 1/4 of the world’s power, which is kind of sad, considering we have less than 5% of the world’s population.  No wonder we need to explore renewable energy sources!  Most people get the majority of … Continue reading

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A Cricket Thermometer

How can a mating ritual tell you the temperature?  Ask a cricket! The timing of cricket chirps can tell you the outside temperature, and they are fairly accurate until it’s below around 55 degrees (crickets aren’t really active when it’s … Continue reading

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Driving On the Moon? Not So Fast or Furious

Yes, the land speed record on the Moon is a whopping 10.56 mph.  The three Lunar Roving Vehicles (LVH), which were built by Boeing, were sent up with the Apollo missions. Because no one was exactly sure how well the … Continue reading

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Now That’s a Big Bang

How hot can you get? At the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in the Brookhaven National Laboratory, pretty darn hot. The temperature, recorded at 4 billion K, was made as physicists smashed gold ions together while trying to replicate conditions resembling … Continue reading

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